G.L. Optics Mk V – Mamiya 645N – 7 Lens Set


  • Base Lens: MAMIYA 645N
  • 35mm T3.5, 45mm T2.8, 55mm T2.8, 70mm T2.8, 80mm T2.8, 110mm T2.8 150mm T2.8
  • Stainless steel PL mount
  • All lenses cover 12K sensor
  • 95mm diameter of front Lens ring
  • 77mm inner threading
  • 6063 aluminum rehoused Lens body
  • Re-designed Lens focus/aperture system
  • 0.8 module Gears


The new PL Mounted-Rehoused MAMIYA 645N medium format lenses offer excellent sharpness and character for the new VistaVision and Full Frame camera sensors (I.E. RED WEAPON). Each lens has been evaluated for quality and build before undergoing a complete rehousing and reengineering process by G.L. Optics. The Mamiya 645N lenses show negligible, to a non-existent, amount of vignetting on 8K sensors and FF sensors throughout the aperture range. The ‘N’ version of the lens offers improved multi-coating and controlled contrast, with images retaining sharpness throughout the frame, across the aperture range, even on 8K sensors. The MAMIYA 645N primes are a distinctive lens that offer outstanding image quality and a large image circle in a compact package. Suitable for 8K Vista Vision sensors, these lenses are an excellent match for digital sensor’s that could use personality and character. The MAMIYA 645N excel at the S35 level as well, creating almost perfect edge-to-edge sharpness, contrast, and illumination.

Additional information

7 Lens Set (PL OR LPL)


7 Lens Set w Speed Booster (LPL ONLY)