GL Optics Leica R 70mm-180mm APO T2.9 Zoom lens


  • Base Lens: Nikon Nikkor 50-300mm T4.6 zoom
  • Front diameter: 114mm;
  • Interchangeable mount PL/EF/Nikon/Nex-Sony
  • 330 degrees focus rotation
  • Par-focal
  • Close focus improved from 5.5 feet to 4 feet.


Introducing the Leica R 70-180mm APO Zoom – a cinematic marvel meticulously engineered to meet the uncompromising demands of filmmakers. This versatile zoom lens, with a focal range from 70mm to 180mm, embodies the pinnacle of Leica’s optical excellence, offering cinematographers unparalleled clarity, precision, and a visual signature that defines cinematic storytelling.

Crafted with precision optics and cutting-edge APO (Apochromatic) technology, the Leica R 70-180mm APO Zoom ensures exceptional image quality, rendering colors with utmost accuracy and eliminating chromatic aberrations. This lens becomes an invaluable tool for cinematographers seeking both versatility and uncompromised optical performance.

Whether capturing distant scenes or fine-tuning compositions, the Leica R 70-180mm APO Zoom provides filmmakers with a reliable, high-performance solution. Its robust construction and Leica’s legacy of optical finesse make it an ideal companion for those dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling.

Step into a new dimension of visual excellence with the Leica R 70-180mm APO Zoom – where every frame is an expression of precision, clarity, and the distinctive Leica aesthetic, curated for the visionary storytellers of the cinematic world.