GL Optics – Meyer Optik Lens Set


Image Circle Covrage 24 x 36mm
110mm front

Close Focus Replacement

LPL mount only
14-16 blade replacement


Embark on a visual journey with the Meyer Optik Prime lenses – a collection that exemplifies the pinnacle of optical craftsmanship. Originating from a legacy of precision optics, these primes encapsulate a timeless elegance and a distinct character that resonates with filmmakers seeking unparalleled image quality. Each lens within the Meyer Optik Prime series is a testament to meticulous engineering, delivering sharpness, clarity, and a unique aesthetic signature.

Whether capturing the nuances of a scene or creating cinematic masterpieces, Meyer Optik primes stand as versatile tools in the hands of discerning cinematographers. From the dreamy bokeh of the Trioplan to the classic rendering of the Primoplan, each lens in this collection offers a distinct visual language. Elevate your storytelling with the Meyer Optik Prime lenses, where tradition meets innovation for an unparalleled cinematic experience.

29mm T2.9, 35mm T4.5, 40mm T4.5, 50mm T2.9, 58mm T1.9, 80mm T3.5, 90mm T3.5, 135mm T2.9