Leica Telephoto 280MM Lens – PL Mount Only Conversion

LEICA 280 2LEICA-280


The Leica 280mm APO-Telyt 2.8 280mm broke new ground in the long telephoto category when it was released. Its apochromatic correction made it possible to achieve high overall contrast and crisp rendering of fine detail at wide open aperture. In terms of sharpness, the lens was simply outstanding. This PL MOUNT conversion for telephoto lens produces a beautiful sharpness and the traditional Leica “look”

  • Focal Length: 180MM, 280MM,
  • Photometric Aperture: T2/T2.8
  • Minimum Object Distance: 180mm 5″ 280mm 8″
  • Front Diameter: 110mm
  • Weight: 6 lbs. Per Lens