G.L. Optics Mk V – Mamiya 645N – 7 Lens Set (Kipon speed booster infused)


  • Base Lens: MAMIYA 645N
  • 24.5mm T2.9 //  31.5mm T2.3 // 38.5mm T2.3 // 49mm T2.2 // 56mm T2.3 // 77mm T2.2 // 110mm T2.8 // 105mm T2.3
  • Stainless steel PL mount
  • All lenses cover 12K sensor
  • 110mm diameter of front Lens ring
  • 6063 aluminum rehoused Lens body
  • Re-designed Lens focus/aperture system
  • 0.8 module Gears


Introducing the Mamiya 645 lenses with Kipon 0.7 Speed Booster Rehousing – a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation, tailored for cinematographers seeking unparalleled visual expression. Born from the esteemed Mamiya 645 series, these lenses, now rehoused with the Kipon 0.7 Speed Booster, offer a transformative experience by seamlessly merging vintage charm with contemporary versatility.

Crafted with precision, the rehousing not only preserves the original optical characteristics but also introduces a game-changing feature – the Kipon 0.7 Speed Booster. This innovative addition enhances the lenses’ light-gathering capabilities, effectively increasing the aperture and allowing for a wider field of view. More notably, it contributes to a faster effective T stop, ensuring cinematographers can achieve optimal exposure even in challenging low-light conditions.

This synergy between the Mamiya 645 lenses and the Kipon Speed Booster results in a visual journey characterized by sharpness, clarity, and a unique vintage allure, all while providing filmmakers with the flexibility to capture cinematic moments with enhanced speed and precision.

Step into a realm where craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology with the Mamiya 645 lenses rehoused in the Kipon 0.7 Speed Booster – a cinematic adventure designed for filmmakers who demand both heritage and innovation in their visual storytelling.

  • 24.5mm T2.9 //  31.5mm T2.3 // 38.5mm T2.3 // 49mm T2.2 // 56mm T2.3 // 77mm T2.2 // 110mm T2.8 // 105mm T2.3

Additional information

7 Lens Set (PL OR LPL)


7 Lens Set w Speed Booster (LPL ONLY)