GL Optics Rehoused – Zeiss Superspeed 5 lens Set (Customer Supplied Donor Only)


114 Front

New housing design ensures smooth operation even with securely clipped-on matte boxes.

330 degree focus throw

16 blade iris repclament



We are all familiar with Zeiss Super Speeds, a legendary series revered by cinematographers for decades. Renowned for their exceptional speed and optical quality, these lenses have become iconic in the world of filmmaking. After meticulous rehousing, the Zeiss Super Speeds transcend their legendary status, offering not only unparalleled optical performance but also an enhanced user experience.

One standout feature is the seamless compatibility post-rehousing. Previously, cinematographers faced challenges when attaching matte boxes to the original housing, often leading to binding issues. However, with the new housing, this concern is elegantly addressed. The rehoused Zeiss Super Speeds ensure a smooth and trouble-free operation even with matte boxes securely clipped on, providing filmmakers with the freedom to explore creative angles without compromising functionality.

The reimagined Zeiss Super Speeds, with their improved housing design, stand as a testament to the commitment to both optical excellence and practical usability. Cinematographers can now fully unleash the potential of these legendary lenses, capturing cinematic masterpieces with precision, speed, and unmatched ease.

18mm // 25mm // 35mm // 50mm // 80mm