GL Optics – Canon .95 Dream Lens – 50mm


24 x 36mm image ciecle

Improved close focus
110mm diameter
Focus rotation: 330 degrees
Weight: 3 lbs
Replaced 15 blade Iris
LPL Only


Embark on a cinematic reverie with the Canon Dream Lens – an optical marvel that transcends the boundaries of storytelling. Originating in 1961, this legendary lens has etched its name in the annals of still photography, and now, reimagined for the cinematic stage, it unveils a realm of creative possibilities.

Canon’s Dream Lens, with its wide-open aperture of f/0.95, stands as a technical wonder, holding the title of the fastest lens for nearly half a century. Renowned for its capacity to capture warm, emotive images, expressive flares, and an exceptionally shallow depth-of-field, this icon epitomizes the fusion of vintage charm and modern functionality.

As the lens breathes new life into each frame, it invites filmmakers to infuse their narratives with a surreal quality, thanks to ethereal bokeh and dreamy softness. Crafted with precision, the Canon Dream Lens becomes a companion for storytellers seeking to elevate their visuals with a touch of iconic vintage allure.

Step into the dreamlike realm of filmmaking with the Canon Dream Lens – where every frame becomes a canvas for cinematic poetry and visual enchantment.