GL Optics Canon FD Reflex 500mm Prime lens


134mm front



The Canon FD Redlex 500mm lens incorporates a reflex mirror system, a distinctive feature that contributes to its unique design and functionality. The reflex mirror serves as a pivotal element in telephoto lenses, allowing for extended focal lengths while maintaining a compact form factor.

In this lens, the reflex mirror is strategically positioned to divert a portion of incoming light up into an optical path that leads to the viewfinder. This enables filmmakers to compose and focus their shots effectively, providing a real-time preview of the subject. Simultaneously, the majority of the light continues through the lens to reach the imaging sensor or film plane, facilitating the actual capture of the image.

The reflex mirror mechanism in the Canon FD Redlex 500mm contributes to the lens’s impressive telephoto reach without compromising on size or weight. This design is particularly advantageous for filmmakers seeking a balance between powerful telephoto capabilities and practical, portable equipment.

The optical intricacies within the lens, combined with the reflex mirror system, work harmoniously to deliver unparalleled clarity and detail in distant subjects. This makes the Canon FD Redlex 500mm a versatile and innovative tool for filmmakers who require both precision and portability in their long-range imaging endeavors.