GL Optics – Nikon Nikkor 50-300mm T4.6 zoom lens


  • Base Lens: Nikon Nikkor 50-300mm T4.6 zoom
  • Front diameter: 136mm;
  • Interchangeable mount PL/EF/Nikon/Nex-Sony
  • 330 degrees focus rotation
  • Par-focal


Introducing the Vintage Nikon Nikkor 50-300mm T4.6 Zoom – a lens steeped in cinematic heritage, reimagined to elevate the storytelling prowess of cinematographers. This vintage gem, spanning from 50mm to 300mm, offers a versatile focal range that empowers filmmakers to capture scenes with precision and creativity.

Crafted with a meticulous blend of nostalgia and innovation, the Vintage Nikon Nikkor zoom lens delivers a unique visual character characterized by the unmistakable warmth and vintage charm of Nikon optics. Its T4.6 aperture ensures consistent performance across the zoom range, allowing cinematographers to maintain control over depth-of-field and low-light scenarios.

Whether zooming in on distant subjects or framing intimate details, this lens becomes an essential tool for cinematographers seeking a timeless aesthetic and reliable performance. Its robust construction and vintage Nikon character make it a distinctive choice for filmmakers dedicated to capturing the essence of their narratives with authenticity and style.

Step into the realm of vintage cinematic storytelling with the Vintage Nikon Nikkor 50-300mm T4.6 Zoom – where every frame is an homage to the golden era of filmmaking, brought to life with the reliability and character that only Nikon optics can provide.