G.L. Optics Mk V – Lomo Spherical Super Speed – 5 Lens Set



The GL OPtics Lomo Set is fresh of the RnD board and is the newest addition in our family of lenses for you. 28mm T1.3 / 35mm T1.5 / 50mm T1.3 / 75mm T1.5 / 100mm T2.1

Standard speed set also available. please email us to inquire.

22mm T2.2, 28mm T2.8, 35mm T2.2, 50mm T2.2, 75mm T2.2, 100mm T2.2

  • Base Lens: Lomo Spherical Primes
  • 6 Lens Set 22mm T2.2, 28mm T2.8, 35mm T2.2, 50mm T2.2, 75mm T2.2, 100mm T2.2
  • Extended 330-degree focus rotation
  • All Lenses have the same focus & aperture throw
  • Stainless steel PL mount (LPL/Sony E/Canon EF Optional)
  • New design for keeping all lenses with the same focus/iris space
  • 95mm diameter of front Lens ring
  • 6063 aluminum rehoused Lens body
  • Re-designed Lens focus/aperture system
  • 0.8 module Gears
  • Flight Case Included
  • 1-year warranty