G.L. Optics Lomo Vintage prime lenses set



The GL OPtics Lomo Set is fresh of the RnD board and is the newest addition in our family of lenses for you. 22mm T2.2, 28mm T2.8, 35mm T2.2, 50mm T2.2, 75mm T2.2, 100mm T2.2

  • Base Lens: Lomo Spherical Primes
  • 6 Lens Set 22mm T2.2, 28mm T2.8, 35mm T2.2, 50mm T2.2, 75mm T2.2, 100mm T2.2
  • Extended 330-degree focus rotation
  • All Lenses have the same focus & aperture throw
  • Stainless steel PL mount (LPL/Sony E/Canon EF Optional)
  • New design for keeping all lenses with the same focus/iris space
  • 95mm diameter of front Lens ring
  • 6063 aluminum rehoused Lens body
  • Re-designed Lens focus/aperture system
  • 0.8 module Gears
  • Flight Case Included
  • 1-year warranty