GL Optics Zeiss Jena APO super speed 7 lens Set


Super 35mm Coverage

110mm front

PL Mount

interchangeable mount

330 degree focus throw



Introducing GL Optics Zeiss Jena APO lenses, a unique collection with a fascinating history rooted in the complex geopolitical landscape of the mid-20th century. These lenses hold the distinction of being part of the Soviet sector when the iconic Carl Zeiss company underwent a division between East and West Germany post-World War II.

Originally belonging to the renowned Zeiss Jena, situated in the Soviet-controlled sector of Germany, these APO lenses showcase the optical craftsmanship that emerged during this period. Despite the political divide, Zeiss Jena continued its legacy of precision optics under Soviet administration, producing lenses known for their exceptional quality and APO (apochromatic) design.

The GL Optics Zeiss Jena APO lenses stand as a testament to the resilience of optical expertise, transcending political boundaries. Today, these lenses offer cinematographers a unique blend of historical significance and optical excellence. Meticulously rehoused for modern filmmaking, they not only capture stunning visuals but also carry with them a piece of the intricate Cold War-era Zeiss legacy. Explore the visual narrative of history with GL Optics Zeiss Jena APO lenses – where craftsmanship and geopolitics converge to create an exceptional cinematic experience.

17mm T2.0 // 24mm T2.0 // 28mm T2.0 // 35mm T2.0 // 50mm T1.9 // 75mm T1.9 // 100mm T2.9