GL Optics – Zeiss Biotar 2 lens set


Both lenses cover Vista Vision;
95mm front diameter
interchangeable version (PL/LPL/Sony E/Canon EF mount)



Embark on a cinematic odyssey with the Zeiss Biotar 58mm and 75mm lenses – a duo that epitomizes the artistry of optical engineering. Hailing from the renowned Biotar lineage, these lenses showcase a unique optical formula that delivers iconic swirly bokeh and a vintage character cherished by filmmakers.

The Zeiss Biotar 58mm lens, with its distinctive rendering, captures scenes with a mesmerizing bokeh swirl, adding a timeless quality to your visuals. It stands as a classic choice for filmmakers seeking a signature look that combines sharpness with a touch of vintage allure.

Complementing the 58mm, the Zeiss Biotar 75mm extends the Biotar legacy, providing a longer focal length while preserving the enchanting characteristics of its predecessor. Ideal for intimate shots and nuanced storytelling, the 75mm lens adds versatility to your cinematic toolkit, delivering a unique visual language that sets your work apart.

Both lenses in the Zeiss Biotar series are meticulously crafted to offer precision and optical excellence. Whether capturing portraits or crafting narrative sequences, the Biotar 58mm and 75mm lenses invite filmmakers to explore a world where tradition meets innovation, resulting in a cinematic experience that transcends time.