GL Optics Pentax SMC 8 lens Set


  • Covers a 24*36mm image circle.
  • Enhanced close focus capability after rehousing.
  • Features a 110mm diameter with an inner focus system.
  • Mounts are interchangeable with LPL, SONY E, and Canon EF.
  • Equipped with a new circular iris design comprising 15 blades.


Embark on a visual odyssey with the Pentax SMC Set – a collection that embodies decades of optical precision and a rich heritage in the world of filmmaking. Rooted in the legacy of Pentax Super Multi-Coated lenses, this set has become synonymous with unparalleled clarity, exceptional color rendition, and a timeless aesthetic that cinematographers have cherished over the years.

The Pentax SMC lenses, renowned for their robust construction and meticulous engineering, trace their lineage back to the iconic Super Multi-Coated Takumar lenses. This heritage is more than a mere historical footnote; it’s a testament to Pentax’s commitment to optical excellence and innovation.

Each lens in the Pentax SMC Set boasts the signature SMC coating, a proprietary technology that reduces flare and enhances contrast, ensuring optimal image quality in diverse lighting conditions. The lenses offer a distinctive warmth in color reproduction, creating a visual character that has defined Pentax optics throughout its history.

Crafted to stand the test of time, the Pentax SMC lenses not only provide a reliable and high-performance cinematic experience but also carry with them a story of innovation, dedication, and a commitment to visual storytelling. Cinematographers choosing the Pentax SMC Set are not just selecting lenses; they are embracing a legacy that continues to shape the art of filmmaking.

20mm T2.8 // 24mm T2.0 // 28mm T2.0 // 35mm T2.0 // 50mm T1.4 // 85mm T1.4 // 100mm 2.8 // 135mm T1.8